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What some Westport Parents are Saying

A Westport mom posted the following on Facebook this morning. TALK to your parents; they’re ultimately our best advocates.

Do we want more teaching to the test only? Malloy’s Reform Education Bill, SB 24, pressures teachers to prepare only for the state tests (the CMT/CAPT hell we are in right now in March) and not for the broad education they have been trained to provide: “45% of teacher’s evaluations will be dependent upon objective indicators of student academic growth, such as test scores”. WRITE TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and tell them NO.

She also went on to say in another post:

We need more time, to understand what this bill will mean to our schools and teachers. Westporters: Contact Sen. Toni Boucher, Sen. John McKinney, Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, and ask for more time and more public discussion of Governor Malloy’s Education Reform Bill, SB 24.

Here are two responses to her posts:

Thanks. I already have been feeling this loss in our schools and writing! We need to fight this- it will have a terrible effect on our kids!
57 minutes ago · Like

Say NO. So many things outside the classroom affect test scores. So much time is already spent in the classroom teaching to them.

Many parents agree with us, if we can motivate them to make calls.


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