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Teachers Discussing SB24

SB 24 Bill

The bill. Additions are underlined and [parts removed are in brackets].

Relevant page numbers to help mitigate the overwhelm:

p. 62 commissioner takeover of low performing schools
p.82 change in initial certification
p.84 how to have a professional educator certificate
section 10-151 refers to tenure
p.85 master educator certificate

what is a “master’s degree in an evaluation-informed course of study” however, seems to still require a master’s degree.

p.88 “B plus” requirement change
p.94 professional development
p.97 not sure why master certificate information seems to be repeated here.
p.101 section 10-151 (tenure) begins
p.105 change in date for terminating teacher
p.107 “code of professional responsibility for educators”???
p.109 “the contract of any teacher deemed ineffective may be terminated at any time.”
p.111 10-151b evaluation
p.113 merit pay
p.115 new salary schedule negotiations by 2015
charter school / technical school additions within the final 20 pages.


Link to the SB 24 Legislation



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